Studio Hiraeth is an interiors based studio located in Winnipeg, Manitoba focusing on the design of commercial and residential spaces and the design and manufacture of small run furniture, lighting and objects. Hiraeth is defined as a desire/yearning for a place from ones past, perhaps a place that never even existed or, a longing to be where the spirit lives. Studio Hiraeth aims to activate this spirit, found within each of us, through the intimate and individualized process of the design of spaces, objects and interiors.

Renee Struthers is a interior designer and maker based in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada. Taking cues from the distinct conditions of her home, the Canadian Prairies, a subtle, minimalist, yet intricate design language emerges. A passion for travel and the experience of different cultures creates a welcome counterpoint in the conception of each project, applying worldly principles while maintaining the authenticity of the Canadian context. In an attempt to intertwine context and environment with the unique needs of clients and users, an honesty and thoughtfulness towards spaces, places and objects is established. From commercial and residential interior design and space planning, to intimately scaled furniture, lighting and objects, she creates with these principles in mind. She is a graduate of the Masters of Interior Design Program, Faculty of Architecture at the University of Manitoba and has completed various projects both independently, for, and alongside various Winnipeg design firms, including internationally acclaimed 5468796 Architecture before starting her own practice, Studio Hiraeth in 2017. Her independent work has been featured in multiple gallery exhibits, publications and print including, to name a few, the Globe and Mail Style advisor (Spring 2015), at the Interior Design Show in Toronto in 2015, Azure Magazine in 2015, and now occupies the Kit & Ace store in Winnipeg's Exchange district.